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Бесплатная доставка заказов от 6000 руб. Подробнее

Trend report

AW'18/19: what to wear

New season - new trends! Playtime trend setter Julie Malait presents the children's fashion trends for autumn-winter 2018/19.


In the tumult of Our Millennium, the need arises to live in harmony with nature. A return to the earth, to the pastoral way of life of our ancestors. Everyday life follows the cycle of the seasons. The pace slows down and one takes pleasure in sharing with young ones the traditions and know-how of our farming ancestors.

Materials: rustic woolen mesh, tweed, velvet, hemp canvas
Colors: browns, fir, ochre, slate blue, old pink
Prints: embroidery and artisanal weaves, tartan
Key pieces: large sweaters in cable knit wool, velvet trousers, blanket scar, boots
Key words: terroir, crafts, countryside, farmers, pastoral, bucolic, traditions of the world, nature


The hearts of our cities beat to the rhythm of the boogie. A cosmopolitan sound flows straight out of the blocks of the Bronx, where hip rhymes with Hop in one continuous groove. Kids Catch the beat and sway to the music of run-D.M.C. and Grandmaster Flash. A real treat for 21st Century rappers!

Materials: sport textiles, technical fabrics, Coolmax®, fleece, Lycra
Colors: black, traffic red, khaki, concrete gray, ultramarine
Prints: positive messages, color blocking
Key pieces: hoody, oversized coat, tracksuit, basketball, baseball cap
Key words: athleisure, hip and healthy, workout, sportswear / gym wear, sport, health, urban, hip-hop and old school rap.


"There, all is order and beauty," wrote Charles Baudelaire. In a soft silence of form and colors, everything intersects in harmony with each other. Style is as purified as can be and finds a subtle balance between presence and disappearance. Tomorrow will be delicate and poetic.

Materials: fluid and aerial
Colors: slightly colored whites, clear grays, ivory, nude, very light tones
Prints: none
Key pieces: thin polo neck sweater, chasuble dress, straight-cut wool coat, ballerinas
Key words: no gender, minimalism, neutral ground, futurism, sensitive data, pure, delicacy, chic, poetry, harmony, sleek

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